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In our shop,it is a payment in advance system by the credit card settlement.
This is because it secures the time of the customers surely.
Other customers and we are troubled with vicious cancellation or lateness.
Your reservation will be canceled if you are late more than 30 minuets.
Please let us know in advance if you’re going to be late or cancel a reservation.

Select a time 2017/09/21 16:00
Card payment in advance Yes

Reservations are only accepted in credit card transactions.

※You will receive a reservation confirmation email. ( Please Notes who has been a junk e-mail settings.

Phone Number
Number of people Women Persons
Man Persons
Children Girl  Boy  years old

Girl  Boy  years old

Rental Kimono(Yukata)
※Yukata rental only for June, July, August.
[Great bargain] staff coordination plan 2,500 yen
KAGAIRO standard plan 5,000 yen
KAGAIRO Popularity No.1 plan 6,500 yen
Summer Kimono plan 7,500 yen
select standard plan 3,000 yen
male kimono(yukata) plan 3,500 yen
male kimono(yukata) premium plan 4,500 yen
kids kimono(yukata) plan 3,500 yen
Frisode kimono plan 19,500 yen
※For other kimono rental options please tell on the day

If you are a group (5 people or more), 500 yen will be deducted per person.
Use of a couple plan > here

Couple Plan
pair KAGAIRO standard plan + male kimono 8,000 yen
KAGAIRO Popularity No.1 plan + male kimono 9,500 yen
KAGAIRO Popularity No.1 plan + male kimono 10,500 yen
※set mens premium plan
select standard plan + male kimono 6,000 yen
male yukata premium plan+ 1,000 yen

[Great bargain] staff coordination plan> Rental Kimono
The listed price is the price with couple discount applied.

Family Plan
KAGAIRO standard plan + kids kimono 8,000 yen
KAGAIRO Popularity No.1 plan + kids kimono 9,500 yen
select standard plan + kids kimono 6,000 yen
male kimono + 3,500 yen
kids kimono + 3,500 yen
male yukata premium plan 1,000 yen

[Great bargain] staff coordination plan> Rental Kimono
The displayed price is the price applying parent-child / family discount.

Hair Set
Selectable hair set① (with hair accessory) 1,000 yen
Selectable hair set② (with hair accessory) 2,000 yen
Japanese style hair(with hair accessory) 5,000 yen
Favorite hair set(with hair accessory) 3,000 yen
Kids hair set(with hair accessory) 1,500 yen
※Please tell me the options on the day
Only hair accessory 500 yen

Obi accessory 500 yen
Beautiful collar 500 yen
OTAIKO Obi knot 2,000 yen

Next day 1,000 yen
※ 10 of the next day business day : 00 ~ 17 : 00 I'd like a return to the up
Hotel Return 1,000 yen

※We are limited to accommodation with front desk.
In the case of inns and guesthouses, please be sure to check if they are possible to receipt of the luggage in advance.


※All prices are exclusive of tax ※It is the price of advance reservation

Cancellation fee We have gotten three days before → 100%
7 days ago → 50% of the reservation.
Thank you in advance please contact the top Masu as if later than the booking time.
In some cases, you might be allowed to before and after the order
In the case of consent, check. And, press the "Reservation" button.